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We wanted to share some top tips on how you can keep your costs down while working from home, but these tips can also be applied to the office as well.

At the moment you may be noticing an increase in your energy bills, because you are spending more time at home than you anticipated. So, we wanted to give you our 4 top tips to help you to keep your energy consumption to a minimum.

Our 4 Top tips:

1. It is very important to work in a healthy environment. Therefore, it is necessary to get fresh air into the room you are working in. In order to minimize the impact on your heating system, you need to ventilate wisely. Many people keep the window slightly open for large amounts of time while keeping the heating turned on. From this you will not only be losing a lot of heat, but money too, as the system will be continually working hard to reach the desired room temperature.

Instead, occasionally, turn off your radiator and heating system, open the windows completely for 5 minutes, then close the windows again and turn the heating back on afterwards.

2.Make sure you are in a room with enough natural lighting, as this will help you to minimise the amount of artificial lighting that you need. Also make sure all your bulbs are LED to help cut costs.

3.Computer Monitors. Make sure to replace very old monitors, as this will not only be better for your eyes, but depending on the age and technology of your old monitor, you can save around 75% of energy.

4.Lunch Time hacks.

If you want a cup of tea, instead of filling the kettle completely to the top, only put in as much or slightly more water than you need, to avoid using more energy than is necessary.

If you heat up anything in a cooking pot, use the lid. Cooking without a lid consumes considerably more energy.

We hope these top tips will help you to reduce your energy consumption, it’s all about developing these good habits to help you cut costs.

As well as offices, if you have a registered home business, our programme can help you invest in energy saving technology such as LED lighting, efficient heating, and appliances.

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