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About Us

Smarter energy greater lincolnshire

Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire is a £9.2 million project that aims to provide free energy and low carbon services for small to medium businesses and Public buildings in the Greater Lincolnshire area. The project is being delivered by North East Lincolnshire Council on behalf of Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise (LEP).

A total of £5.4 million of the project has come from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) to boost renewable energy use in the area and lower carbon emissions.

We are also working with IfaS, The Institute of Applied Material Flow Management, located at the Environmental campus in Birkenfeld, Germany. With nearly 20 years of experience in the field of sustainable energy development and resource management, IfaS are award winning and globally recognised for their industry leading methods in zero emission technology and material flow management. They bring a range of expertise and knowledge to the programme helping businesses to achieve their sustainable goals and save money.

What we can offer small to medium businesses:

  • Grants up to 38% to cover the cost of an energy saving project.
  • Energy saving workshops in which eligible businesses can claim a £500 voucher to go towards an energy saving product of your choice.
  • Free advice and expertise to help your business become more energy efficient.
  • Free onsite visits from our expert partners to produce you an energy report with recommendations.
  • Dedicated energy support service by email and phone.
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