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Do you run a business?

To apply your business must:

  • Be a small to medium enterprise located in the Greater Lincolnshire area.
  • Employ less than 250 people.
  • Have a turnover of less than €50 million.
  • Be willing to be financially checked 
  • To have not had state aid over the amount of €200,000 

Please read the below documents before applying.

Process Document (PDF 148KB)

Draft Voucher Agreement (PDF 264 KB)

Guidance for Terms and Conditions (PDF 299KB)

Quote guidance for energy efficient equipment for businesses (PDF 157KB)

State Aid Approach (PDF 100KB)


FAQ for £500 voucher (PDF 170 KB)

Feedback Policy (PDF 177KB)

Just to let you know we are still accepting applications.

For all eligible businesses, we are offering 12 hours of free expert advice which includes a masterclass, free audit of your business premises up until February 2021 and a £500 grant for energy saving measures which must be spent in a set time.

Previously we have offered our applicants a 38% grant and should this funding become available again, we will make you aware of this opportunity quickly, so you can take advantage of this for your energy saving project.


Do you run a public building?

Currently we have closed full applications, but you can still express an interest just in case further funding becomes available.

In order to express an interest you must meet the following criteria:

  • Own the building itself and is considered “Public”. For this to be the case your organisation
    has to directly or indirectly receive over 50% of its main funding from central or local government.
  • Whether you are paying the building’s energy bill. If you are not paying the bill and have an
    alternative arrangement, please let us know before expressing an interest.

Please read the eligibility and further information below.

Public Building Information (PDF 100 KB)