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Protect the planet and your profits with Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire

Protecting the planet sounds like the stuff of superheroes. But it’s actually the real life aim of our project. We’re aiming to save thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions by working with businesses in our area. We’re here to support small and medium sized enterprises across Greater Lincolnshire with their energy use. It doesn’t matter...

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Working together for greener energy

For Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire to be successful, we need to work together with businesses across our area. To help us find how we can best do this, we held an event at CATCH in Stallingborough, an organisation which supports the renewable industries in the Humber region. Stakeholders from across the area were invited to...

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Six ways you can save energy today

We use energy so easily every day that where it comes from and the impact it can have on the environment can often seem very distant. But the less energy we use, the kinder we can be to the planet. At Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire, we’re working with business in our area to use greener...