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Advantage First Aid, based in Lincoln, is a supplier of medical equipment for first aid.

They wanted to improve their heating in time for winter. Our expert team, IfaS, had a look at their facility, taking into account insulation, from this they recommend the use of infrared heating panels.

Infrared panels are a great energy efficient solution, as it heats up surfaces rather than the room, which is perfect for those areas that may not be sufficiently insulated.

To help Advantage First Aid invest in infrared panels Smart Energy awarded a £500 grant to help cover the cost.

Sarah Hacker, a Director at Advantage First Aid, said:

 “We’re so pleased we went through the process – We have learned a lot about energy efficiency and reducing our carbon footprint. Our new heaters are really helping keep us warmer this winter – Thank you!”

Advantage First Aid is one of the many businesses in the Greater Lincolnshire area benefiting from the Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire programme. If you are looking to save money on your energy bills, get in touch today to see if your business is eligible.

Infrared heater 

Infrared heater 


Cost Saving

Estimated £455 a year


Carbon Saving

Estimated 1.2 tonnes a year


Grant received