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Freeman Street Market is at the heart of the community and home to a wide range of small business stalls. The site includes fresh fruit and vegetable, butchery, bakery stalls and much more including the Business and Digital Hub which opened in January 2014.

To set an example in the community, with the help from a 38% Smart Energy grant, the market has invested in additional solar PV panels to reduce their carbon footprint and utilise a renewable energy source.

On the roof they have installed 96 kWp solar panels to help generate energy to run the market. Combined with the previously installed solar panels Freeman Street market now has almost 300 kWp solar PV installed.

IfaS, our expert partners, conducted a site audit to advise on the best energy saving measures and how they could reduce their energy consumption and carbon footprint going forward. From this the market also decided to invest in LED lighting.

Stephen White, Chairman of the Pastures Committee as Trustee of the charity, said:

“For some years now the Freemen have been keen to embrace new technology to both cut costs and to reduce the carbon footprint of our market. We have previously installed an air-to-water heat pump to heat a “Tudor-style” Courtyard, LED Lighting, a Rainwater Harvesting Scheme and maximised our trade/general waste recycling. Two phases of Solar PV Panels have been installed previously, as noted, up to the maximum generating capacity allowed under the then FIT arrangements. As a result of these initiatives in 2014 we received the award of ‘Highly Commended’ in the ‘Energy Champion’ category at the Lincolnshire Energy Awards and we followed this up by being named ‘Business of the Year’ at the 2016 Awards. We also won a Gold Apple Award for Building & Construction (Regeneration) in 2014 and a Green Apple Award for Environmental Best Practice in 2016. We are very grateful for the award of this Smart Energy Grant which has helped us to further extend our Solar Array.”

Freeman Street Market is one of the many businesses in the Greater Lincolnshire area benefiting from the Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire programme. If you are looking to save money on your energy bills, get in touch today to see if your business is eligible.

New solar PV

New solar PV


Cost Saving

Estimated £3,920 a year


Carbon Saving

Estimated 35 tonnes a year


Grant Received