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Case Study: Technica Ltd

Technica Ltd, located on the Cherry Tree business Park hold a wide range of engineering expertise from mechanical, electrical, control and instrumentation.

The Procurement controller decided to have a lighting survey carried out by a local wholesaler when asked to research ways that the company could reduce it’s carbon footprint.  It was discovered that the site was mainly lit up by in-effcient fluorescent tubes. The survey results showed that LED lights could help to cut energy usage from lighting by nearly 50%.

Technica have made a small investment to LED lights which will have a huge impact on lowering their energy consumption; enabling them to gain substantional financial savings year on year.

Wayne Pearce, Procurement Controller at Technica Ltd said that:

“Research has also shown a wide range of benefits to using LED lights, one of the main one’s being is the impact on employee health. We want to make sure that we are providing the best work conditions possible for our staff while reducing our carbon footprint on the environment. LED lights have been proven to increase productivity, lower stress and reduce the occurrence of headaches and that’s just to name a few. For us it was an easy decision to make to make the move to LED”

The Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire programme awarded a 38% grant of £1,215.16 towards Technica Ltd energy saving project.

Technica Ltd is one of the many businesses in the Greater Lincolnshire area benefiting from the Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire programme. If you are looking to save money on your energy bills, get in touch today to see if your business is eligible.

LED Lights

LED Lights


Cost Saving

Estimated £1,140 per year


Carbon Saving

Estimated 3.3 Tonnes per year


Grant Received