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The Viking Centre offers accommodation in the village of Claxby, located in the beautiful Lincolnshire Wolds. The site offers a self-catering hostel that can accommodate up to 20 people.

The Management Committee have taken steps to reduce the energy consumption, lowering the carbon emissions and reducing the costs of running the Centre. Additional PV panels have been installed together with an air source heat pump, a battery to store the power produced from the PV panels and LED lighting throughout the Centre.

 As a charity they do rely on financial support to help fund major capital expenditure. The total cost of these improvement was £28,722.00 .

These energy saving measures were funded by:

Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire                                             £10,914.00

West Lindsey District Council                                                      £6,390.00

Lincolnshire Wolds Sustainable Development Fund             £5,000.00

 “The Viking Centre Management Committee would sincerely like to thank these organisations for their support. Their funding has been greatly appreciated and used to ensure the future sustainability of the Viking Centre.”

The site had already invested in some solar panels, but to increase efficiency additional PV panels (5.8Kw ) were installed. Being located in the heart of the Lincolnshire Wolds with wide open space, this is a perfect site for solar PV to utilise the sun’s natural energy source.

The 13.5Kw battery stores energy produced by the PV panels. This is of benefit as most of the energy needed for the building is used in the evening, which can be accessed from the battery. Any excess power not required by the centre is exported to the grid at 5.5p per unit.

The Viking Centre is one of the many businesses in the Greater Lincolnshire area benefiting from the Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire programme. If you are looking to save money on your energy bills, get in touch today to see if your business is eligible.