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We would just like to make you aware that the Ministry of Housing,  Communities & Local Government (MHCLG) have commissioned an independent research company called BMG Research. This company may get in touch to ask you to take part in a 20 minute phone survey that will be rolled out over the next 8 weeks.

BMG Research will be collecting data on the outcomes and impact of ERDF funding for businesses. The data will be used as evidence to develop other programmes similar to Smart Energy.

For more information please see below.

Information from the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG)

BMG Research has been commissioned by MHCLG to complete the beneficiary survey which will inform part of the national evaluation of the 2014-20 ERDF Programme.

This work is vital for collecting data on the outcomes and impact of the funding for individual beneficiaries. The more survey responses we receive, the more rigorous our conclusions will be on the success of the programme. This evaluation will in turn provide a strong evidence base for developing successor funding programmes, such as the UK Shared Prosperity Fund, and will also inform plans for our economic recovery following COVID-19.

 It is important therefore that we do what we can to continue this research despite current difficulties. However, if a client is experiencing hardship due to the crisis and is therefore unable to participate in the research, we ask that they consider participating in the survey at a later date when they are better able to do so. Ultimately, whether they wish to delay participation, or opt out entirely, it is their decision and BMG will respect it.

We also understand that beneficiaries may be concerned about third party access to their data. This letter serves as a reminder that they agreed to having their data shared, and being contacted, for the purposes of auditing and evaluation, as explained in the privacy notice provided by your project. This privacy notice would have explained the legal basis for processing their data and how their data will be stored and used. Please rest assured that their data is protected under the MHCLG GDPR privacy notice which covers all project data, and BMG is contracted under these conditions.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with a member of the Smart Energy team.