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Learn from world renowned leading experts on how to ‘future proof’ your business to save money and carbon. This exclusive package includes an Interactive master class where you will learn top tips and explore a range of energy saving topics that are at the forefront of pushing your business to new heights.

The FREE Support package includes:

  • A masterclass led by world renowned experts in sustainability
  • Bespoke 1 to 1 support
  • Energy audit conducted by world renowned experts
  • Your very own tailored energy report for your business

The package will enable you to be at the forefront of a sustainable economy and to turn challenges into opportunities for your business to thrive in a NEW WORLD.

Grant funding:

As part of the package eligible businesses will also have access to a £500 voucher to go towards an energy saving product. Businesses who are looking to invest in a larger energy saving project can still apply for a 38% grant, but applications will be considered on a case by case basis due to limited funding. Please note, due to our programme closure date, all projects must be delivered and paid for by 25th March 2021.  This is an ideal opportunity for any projects where the total value of all measures is under £25,000 and only require one quote per measure.

Click here to sign up today, for your chance to be a part of this fantastic opportunity.

Please note: A business information form must be completed to enable you to access the package. This will enable us to see if you are eligible for the audit as part of your package deal and if there is any grant funding available you would like to apply for after.

The master class will take place on:

Date: 21st January 2021

Time: 9am-5pm

Platform: Microsoft Teams, this will be accessible through the internet browser. No sign up to the platform is required. Joining details shall be sent beforehand and support available on the day.

Deadline to sign up: 18th January 2021


9.00am- Welcome Talk

Meet Tony Neul, Assistant Director for Energy & Environmental Policy at North East Lincolnshire Council. He will outline the aspirations and plans for the local area to be a zero-carbon borough by 2050. Tony works across the council developing and implementing strategy for a cleaner and environmentally friendly future.

9.15am- Smart Energy grant funding

At the discussion you will find out about the grant funding available to help your businesses invest in energy saving measures. The programme also offers a wide range of support, working closely with IfaS to offer bespoke support through audits, repots and webinars. Don’t miss your change to see what is available to you!

9.45am- Meet our World Class Experts

Meet our world class experts! IfaS specialise in the field of sustainable energy development and resource management. IfaS are award winning and globally recognised for their industry leading methods in circular economy, zero emission technologies and material flow management. IfaS has successfully completed numerous projects in over 60 countries on five continents, helping authorities and multi-national companies

10.30am- BREAK

10.45am Best practice case studies

IfaS will explore and share the experiences of two Greater Lincolnshire Businesses Lincs Rural Activity Centre and Bacchus Hotel. Showcasing how they have improved their business, cut cost, while all reducing their impact on the environment. 

11.15pm- How to get the best from your lighting

The presentation will look at the latest technologies exploring areas such as LED lighting and sensors to help you reduce cost and carbon. The topic will also share top tips on how to improve employee comfort and mood through light colours and brightness.

12.30- Lunch

1.30pm- How to reduce cost on your heating

Heating systems can have a huge impact on your energy bill. This presentation will discuss the best efficient systems on the market from boilers, heat pumps to infrared heating panels. The topic will also explore the benefits of district heating and how it could be a benefit to your business.

2.45pm BREAK

3.00pm- Exploring the potential of Solar PV

When it comes to new technology such as solar PV, it can be difficult to know where to start. This presentation will explore the benefits of solar PV and if this is the right technology to invest in for your business.

4.15pm- Questions and Networking

This is a chance to ask the experts any questions you have and to discuss with other businesses idea’s and thoughts.

5.00pm Finish

Find out more about our experts, IFAS, and meet the team.