Four ways you can save energy in your office this autumn


If your office has spent the summer arguing over the air conditioning then the good news is that cooler weather is now on its way.

But with the change in the season there could come a new conflict – this time over the heating.

It’s important everyone feels comfortable when they are trying their work but while one person might complain they are too hot, another might say they are too cold even though they are sharing the same space.

So how do you manage everyone’s needs for a harmonious workplace this autumn?

Here are our top tips to keep everyone happy – and save energy at the same time.


Relax the dress code

If different members of your team have different opinions about what the temperature should be in the office, allowing them to dress more casually could be the answer.

Turn the temperature down a couple of degrees so that the room feels generally warm rather than hot and you’ll be using less energy.

Then encourage your team to add layers if they still feel it’s too cool.


Create space for outdoor wear

If you have team members who commute on public transport, by foot, or on bike – good news, they are helping cut carbon emissions before they even walk through the door.

But in wet weather, this can mean they arrive with soaking outdoor clothing and shoes.

Although it is tempting, it’s best not to let people dry wet coats on top of radiators as this will make them run less efficiently.

Instead, create a hanging space and floor area where people can leave items to dry off ready for going home time.


Move desks around

Even in a small space, different areas of the room can feel warmer or cooler.

Desks that are near windows may feel drafty, for example, while desks near radiators can get too hot.

If you can fix the draft and turn the thermostat down on the radiator, you’ll not only solve this problem but save cash on your energy bills too.

And if people still aren’t happy with their spots, why not simply switch them around? It might even help your team forge new connections in the office.


Use natural light

It may be cold outside but the sun can still be shining on bright autumnal days.

Make the most of this natural light by making sure blinds are open and windows are clean and clear of clutter or posters.

This can help reduce the need for artificial light which costs money and contributes to  carbon emissions.



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