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Longer opening hours for a business means increased running costs! This can be a concern especially if it is hard to cover the extra expenditure.

A lot of the extra cost can come from your energy bills due to the usage of lights. With lights being left on for longer this will cause a spike in the electricity we use, and unfortunately an increase in cost and carbon emissions!

There are many ways you can save on your electricity usage for lighting while being kinder to the environment too. To help give you a few idea’s we have listed some below:

  • LED lights- this can help you save up to 65% on the electricity you use for lighting. LED are increasingly efficient compared to conventional lighting, for example fluorescent. The payback period is normally less than two years!
  • Motion sensors- this is especially useful in hallways as they don’t need to be lit constantly.
  • Light sensors- utilising natural light can be a big help! Depending on the light coming into the room, the sensors can adjust the lighting to reduce brightness, so you can use less electricity.
  • Building Management Systems- these are great to help you monitor where you are using the most electricity. It also enables you to put lights on timers so they can switch off at desired times.

Christoph Dohm who works for IfaS, our world-renowned energy experts said that:

“Changing old and inefficient lighting to modern LED lights has always been a good idea. In times like these it might be even more important. As operating hours are expected to rise, the efficiency of the lights will have an even bigger impact. Looking at it from another angle, having inefficient lighting in place might be a significant disadvantage in economically challenging times.”

There are many benefits to LED lights. The installation causes low, if any, disruption to your workforce. Now more than ever it is important as a business to save money where you can with the added bonus of reducing your carbon emissions too.

Our expert partners also provide free digital energy audits. This will enable them to discuss the best energy saving measures for your business. After the audit is complete you will receive an energy saving report with recommendations. It is then up to you if you would like to go ahead with the changes.

If you are a small to medium business, we can help you invest in energy saving measures, including the ones listed above. If you are interested in free advice or grant funding, all you need to simply do is fill out an application form to see if you are eligible. Please read the guidance and support documents before applying.