June Workshops 2019


Whatever your industry sector, there are energy saving opportunities available that will cut your bills without compromising the comfort of your company’s staff or customers.

And with the help of our friendly, expert team, identifying these opportunities is easy with many able to be implemented at low or even no cost.

We’ve already helped businesses from a frozen food manufacturer to a concert venue to cut energy costs – halving one company’s bills.

One of the best ways to benefit from our advice it to attend one of our free energy saving workshops.

As energy costs continue to increase year on year, it’s not hard to see why these events are in demand – and they are a great networking opportunity too.

Our next workshops – which take place over a day and include lunch – will be held on June 4 in Scunthorpe and June 5 in Grimsby.

Take part and you’ll be eligible for a free energy saving gift worth £500 – plus a follow-up visit from one of our team to support your implementation of energy saving methods.

No prior knowledge is required, however, before you attend you might want to establish a robust system that enables you to monitor what energy you’re using.

Without properly measuring and monitoring energy use it’s very difficult to manage it effectively and show the impact of any energy efficiency measures you put in place. 

Regular monitoring of energy use will enable you to observe and understand energy consumption throughout your premises.

It will also enable staff to better understand the impact that they can play in helping to improve energy efficiency.

Monitoring on a daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis will enable you to better understand your energy use profile – in other words, when peak energy use is occurring and any unexpected anomalies, such as out of hours energy use.

This is a good way to identify issues that contribute to excessive energy bills such as;

  • Heating systems being turn on and off earlier and later than needed
  • Lights and office equipment being left on after hours


Profiling your energy use will also help you to understand your baseload – consumption that occurs outside of the hours of operation – and your maximum energy demands.

Both are important when it comes to ensuring you are on the best energy supply contract and are not paying unnecessary costs.

Equally importantly, monitoring your energy use on a regular basis will enable you to make year-on-year comparisons and check if your energy efficiency efforts are having the impacts anticipated.

At its most basic level, monitoring could simply be a regular analysis of your energy bills, ensuring that they are based on actual meter readings rather than estimates.

For a more meaningful level of assessment, you may be able to access half hourly data from your energy supplier or even consider installing more sophisticated energy monitoring equipment.

Don’t have time to profile your energy use?

Don’t worry – come along to our next workshop and we’ll help you get started so you can join the dozens of other businesses we have helped to save energy, save carbon and save money.


The free energy saving workshops take place at:

  • 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, Church Square, Scunthrope on Tuesday, 4th June
  • Bannatyne Health Club, Humberstone Avenue, Humberston, Grimsby on Wednesday, 5th June


Lunch will be provided.

Book your place at: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/smart-energy-greater-lincolnshire-17565365841



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