Protect the planet and your profits with Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire


Protecting the planet sounds like the stuff of superheroes.

But it’s actually the real life aim of our project.

We’re aiming to save thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions by working with businesses in our area.

We’re here to support small and medium sized enterprises across Greater Lincolnshire with their energy use.

It doesn’t matter what your business does, we can help improve your energy efficiency.

The solution could be a new boiler or new lighting and we have grants available to help with the cost of these.

We can also help you switch to renewable sources so that every time you fire up your computer in your office, switch the coffee machine on in your café or turn the heating on in your hotel, you know you’re using sustainable energy.

And because there are so many ways you can go greener with your energy use, we’re offering businesses the chance to complete our energy education and training programme.

We know your time is precious, so we’ve collected a brilliant selection of key information together for the programme, which can be completed in 12 hours.

Everyone who finishes the programme will receive £500 worth of energy saving products to help them start putting what they’ve learnt into practice.

We have an initial three years and £9.2m – including £5.4m from the European Regional Development Fund – for the project.

It’s the first of its kind in the country so the potential is huge.

If we’re successful, what we’ve achieved could be rolled out elsewhere, helping save even more carbon emissions.

We’re taking the lead because renewables is a key sector for our local economy.

We’ve seen the impact offshore windfarms have had and we want to bring that success onshore and into a wide range of businesses who can also benefit from green energy.

It’s great news for the planet but it’s also great news for businesses like yours too.

You could save money, attract more customers, and be able to plan your energy costs more easily.

It means that by joining Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire, you’ll also be part of something amazing that has the potential to make a lasting impact for your business, our community and the planet.

Contact us today to find out more about how you can be a real life superhero with Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire.



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