Six ways you can save energy today


We use energy so easily every day that where it comes from and the impact it can have on the environment can often seem very distant.

But the less energy we use, the kinder we can be to the planet.

At Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire, we’re working with business in our area to use greener energy.

This has the potential to save thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions and you can support our project by changing the way you use energy at home.

Here are our top tips for the very simple ways you can start reducing your energy use right now.

Don’t stay on standby

Leaving stuff on standby is not only a bad habit for the planet, it could also be affecting your pocket.

The Energy Saving Trust reckons we could all save around £30 a year just by turning our appliances off standby mode.

Take speedy showers

If you prefer to take showers rather than baths, congratulations, you’re already using less water and therefore less energy than a soak in the tub.

But don’t forget to be speedy in the shower too because as Ofwat points out, using less water also helps reduces the greenhouse gases that are released from collecting, treating and supplying clean water.

Fill a cup not the kettle

It’s obvious that overfilling the kettle is waste of energy but for some reason it seems to be a hard habit to break for our nation of tea lovers.

Which? recommends taking note of the minimum fill line which most kettles now have and suggests descaling regularly to reduce energy use even further.

Conscientious charging

Many of us carry around a range of devices to use in our day to day lives which require charging.

But instead of powering them up at home, why not try an eco-friendly gadget such as a solar powered charger? It’s also more convenient than finding a plug when on the go.

Switch off the light

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that lighting accounts for 15 per cent of a typical household’s electricity bill so there is a lot of potential to make savings by just switching off the light when you leave the room.

Start now and see what savings you can make.

Room for radiators

To keep your home warm and cosy without using too much energy, it’s important to let your radiators do their job properly.

The National Energy Foundation says it’s best not to dry clothes on them and suggest keeping furniture away as this can prevent heat getting into the room.



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