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Have you ever thought about how you can be more efficient with your heating? A lot of people when they hear the term ‘Ground Source Heat Pumps’, ask what is it? In this article we will give you a quick introduction to ‘what is a Ground Source Heat Pump?’ and the benefits they have to offer.

Ground Source Heat Pumps are a more efficient and eco-friendlier way to heat and cool your buildings. This technology over the years is becoming increasingly popular for businesses and homeowners to become more sustainable and to save money.

What is a Ground Source Heat Pump?

A Ground Source Heat Pump is a heating/cooling device that is designed to move heat to and from the building, utilising the ground to create a heating/cooling effect.

There are many different types of Ground Source Heat Pumps, but the most common ones are horizontal and vertical, and this relates to the way they are installed into the ground.

Horizontal: the pipes are installed near the surface and covers a specific area that corresponds to the heat demand of the building.

The pipes are designed to circulate water to and from the pump. They utilise the grounds natural heating effect to create hot water and to enable it to heat your building.

Vertical: the pipes are drilled deep into the ground and these are often known as ‘boreholes’, in one borehole there are two pipes which deliver the water downwards and back up again, when it travels it can pick up energy from the ground and therefore you need less energy from the grid.

Depending on the energy demand of your building, it might be necessary to install several boreholes which need to be spaced around 6m apart and depth which is normally around 80m but this can vary.

Another type of heat pump to be aware of is a ‘air source heat pump’. A ground source heat pump is more efficient, but an air source heat pump does not require you to place it underground making it easier to install. This type of pump is better for smaller buildings that do not require too much energy.

What are the benefits?

  • They use less energy than boilers
  • Uses heat from the ground rather than burning fuel
  • Lower C02 emissions
  • More sustainable and eco-friendly
  • Low maintenance
  • The system is quiet, so no noise pollution

Here at Smart Energy we work with world leading experts in energy and resource efficiency. We will be able to support and advise if a Ground Source Heat Pump is suitable for your business. Our experts offer a FREE digital energy audits over video call and from this they will produce you an energy saving report with the best energy saving measures for your business.

We can help your business invest in Ground Source Heat Pumps and other energy saving technology. For eligible businesses, we can provide a 38% grant!

If you are interested in knowing more about Ground Source Heat Pumps for your business and the support we have on offer, please fill out our online application form.