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It’s no secret that we need to lower our CO2 emissions or there will be a catastrophic effect on the environment. More and more businesses are finding solutions to help reduce their carbon footprint, from LED lighting to photovoltaic systems. On a wider scale, one area that is yet to be explored, is how businesses located in the same area can come together to reduce their environmental impact and their costs. Below we will outline areas that can be implemented by business parks to help create a sustainable future.

District heating system

What is a district heating system?  Well, it is a neat solution that supplies low carbon heat to multiple buildings. Instead of each building having its own boiler, all buildings are connected to a single heat supply grid from one big central heating plant instead. The heat can come from a renewable energy sources such as biomass, solar and even waste heat. The central heating plant can be supported by other fuel sources to guarantee supply even during peak demands. The heat travels from the system into insulated pipework, which is then connected to the heat interface unit located in the different buildings. Each building can control their own temperature requirements and works the same as if they had an individual boiler.

Community solar PV programme

One of the main ways to reduce carbon is through utilising natural energy sources. Why not invest in solar PV, where all the buildings can make use of the decentralised power generation onsite. This works by jointly investing in a solar energy park, then the energy is shared to the different buildings through a power purchase agreement. This is a great way to reduce the overall carbon emissions of the business park and should help to reduce energy costs too.

Surround your business with nature. How to increase biodiversity.

Not only is it important to increase biodiversity but creating nice spaces for employees to enjoy their surroundings is important too.

If you have an empty area of land, why not plant a wide range of native flowers; you could even create a butterfly garden. This is done through choosing flowers that are high in nectar. You could even think about putting up bird boxes too.

Another snazzy idea to increase biodiversity and lower carbon emissions is having a green roof or planting trees, this is a great way to spend a team building day while supporting your local environment.


Looking for more ideas, or want to find out more, our team of experts can help advise you on this topic and help you to develop a sustainable business park. Interested? Get in touch at