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Looking into new technology and how it can benefit your business can be difficult. One of the most popular technologies that businesses are slowly investing in is Solar Photovoltaic (PV). But what are the benefits to solar PV? And why is this such a great option? To answer this, we will outline the main reasons on why you should look into investing into this fantastic energy saving measure. 

Benefits of Solar PV 

  • It’s a renewable energy source, meaning that by utilising the sun’s energy, you are able to generate green power and lower your carbon footprint!
  • The solar panels are low maintenance. 
  • It’s possible to run your business off 100% renewable energy.
  • Can support with power demand peaks. For example, in the summer when staff may have the air conditioning on. 
  • Utilises roof space and you can install as many panels as you would like.
  • Any surplus energy you can sell back to the grid.

There are many benefits to having solar PV, but what are the disadvantages? Well, the investment can have a relatively longer pay-back period, depending on how much energy you use. Also, the power generation yield is all dependant on the weather conditions, so that is something to bear in mind. But despite the disadvantages, there are more positive reasons to invest and build a greener future. 

In addition, Freeman Street Market is a great example of how businesses are investing to become greener. They have implemented solar panels and other energy saving measures to help reduce their carbon footprint and costs. Why not check out their case study to see how solar PV has been a benefit to them. 

So, if you are thinking of investing in solar PV, we can offer free non-biased advice. Our expert partners can provide your business with a free energy audit and report. From this they can explore the potential of solar PV for your business and if it will be of benefit. They will also calculate how many panels you will need and where they would be best placed. If you are interested, make sure to get in touch before our programme ends! You can call us on 01472 323825 or email us.