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Now the colder months are approaching, energy bills can be a concern for businesses. The heating gets put on, days are darker, and lights are used more often, but how can you stop those energy bills from increasing?

Our programme offers FREE bespoke support for your business to help you find the best ways to save money and energy.

A lot of businesses don’t realise how old their boiler is, this is a cause for concern! Old boilers tend to be less efficient, meaning that it’s using more energy than is necessary.

When upgrading your heating system, it is far more cost efficient to have a condensing boiler, air source heat pumps or ground source heat pumps.

Our expert partners can talk through the options with you and discuss what is the best efficient heating system for your type of business. All businesses are different and sometimes the most common solution might not be the perfect fit for you!

With our programme you will get a full energy report with recommendations. It is then up to you if you would like to invest in any of the technology. For any business looking to invest in becoming energy efficient, we offer grants of up to 38% to help cover the cost of this.

Dave Smith, Owner of Bacchus Hotel, who has received support from Smart Energy said:

“Smart Energy have helped tremendously with providing me with grants and information on solar PV, ground source heat pumps and LED lighting which is now available throughout the hotel. They have enabled me to embrace these technologies to not only reduce my carbon footprint but lower my impact on the environment”

If you are interested in support for looking into your heating, or other areas of your business to become more energy efficient, you can fill out an application form, or alternatively contact a friendly member of the team on: or call 01472323825