Working together for greener energy


For Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire to be successful, we need to work together with businesses across our area.

To help us find how we can best do this, we held an event at CATCH in Stallingborough, an organisation which supports the renewable industries in the Humber region.

Stakeholders from across the area were invited to find out more about our project, its impacts and benefits and how it will be evaluated.

The event began with an introduction from Tony Neul, of North East Lincolnshire Council, who is executive sponsor for the project.

Tony spoke about the background to Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire, which has been in development since 2016.

He also explained the aims of the project, which has the potential to save thousands of tonnes of carbon emissions by working with business to help them use greener energy.

Tony was followed by Thomas Anton from The Institute for Applied Material Flow Management (Ifas).

IfaS is based in Germany and is internationally renowned for its energy expertise, working in partnership on projects worldwide, including Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire.

Thomas talked about the circular economy – where resources are protected and waste is minimised – as opposed what has been called the ‘take-make-dispose’ model.

He discussed approaches which can optimise energy efficiency for small and medium sized enterprises and gave an overview of the technologies used on the IfaS campus for a greener operation.

Paul Thorpe and Marcus Asquith from energy company ENGIE explained a second element of the Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire project which is focused on public buildings.

This will see a number of public buildings such as libraries, museums or leisure centres receive a green energy upgrade to further reduce carbon emissions alongside improvements at businesses across the area.

After these talks, participants were invited to take part in a workshop to give their thoughts on four areas of the Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire project.

These were – possible collaborations, lessons learnt from similar projects, ideas for communication and anything else they felt was key.

The information we gathered as a result of this was really valuable and we’ve been busy putting this into place as part of our project.

The feedback from people who took part in the event was also positive with comments such as ‘very useful, informative, and positive’ and ‘good networking opportunity’.

Thank you to everyone who attended.

To find out how Smart Energy Greater Lincolnshire can help your business, contact us.



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